Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 9: If You Are Sitting, Chances Are the Boogy Man is Out to KILL You!!

Are you standing???

If not, some big, hairy, fang-filled zombie monster is going to sneak over and SCREAM REALLY LOUD AND GIVE YOU A HEART ATTACK!

At least, that is what this article from Mashable tells me...actually I just read the title and looked at the infographics.

OK I read the article.

You might be sick and tired of having me pound depressing statistics and scary repercussions of sitting on your backside into your eyeballs, but, the more I research this new found health danger, the worse it gets! WE SHOULD BURN ALL OF OUR CHAIRS!

No, no...scratch that. WE SHOULD BURN ALL OF OUR CHAIRS! Whew! I feel better now.

So read the article, look at the scary pictures and depressing statistics, and stand up and cry, OK? OK!

This is day NINE of standing all day people. Tomorrow will be my 100 hour mark! I should do something fantastic to celebrate, shouldn't I? What should I do? Write something in the comments...inspire me.

I am standing for 4 hours a day before I even think about sitting down, and then I'll sit for about 30 minutes before getting up. So far this standing thing is the easier than sticking to a workout routine or some fancy diet plan. I mean, here is what you do: Stand. It's making me BATTSIE!


Brag About Totally Tackling Standing Indefinitely to Everyone.

It's amazing I would use an acronym with the word BAT in it...seriously..

I don't have much to say today, I'm basically being full-on BATTSIE so, I will promote a giveaway I am hosting on another blog I contribute to.

Click on the pretty bottle to go enter to win this fabulous face cream. We're working on the whole body here, right? You need this. You want this. Go ahead and sit while you enter...I'll let you...


w said...

um. actually. i *am* standing. but that's because i'm running around like a MATH genius.

Mother About To Haveapanicattackandyou'renotheretohelpme.

i'm still standing.

Cupcakes And Coffee said...

To celebrate your 100th hour of standing i think you should.... stand for 100 hours more... wow JUST JOKING! hah hmmm maybe kick back get a foot massage and and be proud of the fact that you have acutally put off the whole death thing for a while! horray! p.s i let you down! while i said i would stand with you as my job requires me to do so, well i locked myself out of work for 2 hours. and well, heres the bad part. I sat for 2 hours in the sunshine. i know i know naughty me :(

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