Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 3...If Only There Was a Zero Accompaning That...

And here we are. Day three.


Actually, someone removed my blog from their subscription feed. *feeling sorry for myself* Oh well...moving on.

So the night of Day 2 went as well as the first night, if not better, pain-wise that is! My hubby's black socks and my squishy sandals made quite the difference; I wasn't limping around the house, complaining of alien abduction. I did, however, have an ASS (Accidentally Started to Sit) moment while looking for support socks...oh the irony! Switched from ASS to POTS (Position Other Than Sitting) in a millisecond...I POTS-ed around while I was looking for my alpaca socks.

Alpaca socks?
Yes. That animal. With lots of hair. My sister-in-law gave them to me years ago, and they hugged my legs tighter than a 2-year-old at the dentist's office. It amazes me that after all these years I still have them! But, to my dismay, there was a hole in the heel of one sock, and they didn't go up to my knees, like the gold-toe black socks I am stealing borrowing from my hubby.

My total was very consistent with the first day as well. I stood for 10 hours and 15 minutes, and sat for 2 hours and 5 minutes. That even included driving and my first POST encounter.

POST? Kim, you mean POTS? No. P-O-S-T. Put Off Standing Temporarily...

See, I took the kids to their Shaolin class, and my friend was there watching her kids. We were late, and in my haste to get out of the way, and start chatting with my friend, I went into ASS mode! At first I didn't even realize my ASS mistake until I was 2 sentences into how our school day went!

I felt awkward, and panicky! While discussing world history strategies and keeping an eye on my kids doing their bow staff routines, I tried to assess if my lingering ASS moment could quickly become a POTS situation. I hadn't planned to sit while I was there, but, I had already engaged in a conversation and couldn't easily start to stand in front of everyone without offering a roundhouse kick, or some demonstration of my martial arts abilities, and my attempt to POTS would have been downright confusing, if not offensive. So, right then I realized I must POST and deal with the consequences.

POSTING, is our friend, my fellow ASS avoiders. Sometimes we can't POTS around, sometimes the ASS will overtake us. It's then that we must give ourselves a break and simply POST until we can get back on track.

And that's my encouragement for today folks. In fact, on this third day, nearly 7 hours into a day where I have stood for only about 3 1/2 of them, I have decided that for today I will estimate my hours for standing and sitting, because I will be in the car a lot, and I already went to bible study and sat for nearly 2 hours (remember, that is a place where I didn't want to draw attention to myself, like I do here) and I am not about to start carrying around a notepad and a watch to record my times!!

It would be very easy for me to get all OCD and maniacal about all of this, freaking out if I sat more than 3 hours out of my 12 hour day, missing my 10-hours-of-standing mark. But that attitude would denote an air of failure. And that my friends, we cannot have. Because the minute this becomes no fun, or sends someone to the ER, it's no longer worth it.

So POST when you have to! Don't let an ASS get in your way of your goals, and POTSing can only go so far before the definitions start to get a bit hazy. As long as we are standing more than we did before, we are champions!

And with that, here is a video to help motivate you until tomorrow's post! Again, sing it to your chair...


w said...

i'm totally POOTing.

Possibly Over Over Thinking.

i'm glad you posted. and posted.

Teisha said...

This is me standing and cheering for you!

Aaaaand sitting back down.

Cupcakes And Coffee said...

I'm sitting as I'm reading this but. Cheering for you none the less. I have been successful so far . Wed I cleaned. So much I actually ran out of things to clean. ( after EVEN cleaning hubby's white shoes. ) but in the wake of a shiny house I sat alot less than what I normally would have. And then I worked . So no sitting there. Hooray for us!

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