Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 17-19: Heaving, Treadmills and Bankers Boxes...

LinkDay 19. For REAL!

And, let me just say, I realize these posts might be getting a bit redundant and...ahem...boring...for some of you.

Welcome to REAL LIFE! MY LIFE!


As some of you might recall, I have 7 hours to make up from this last weekend's POST (putting of standing temporarily) fest, and guess what!?!?! On Day 17 I stood for an extra hour! Only 6 hours to make up! Woot! I have 11 days to make it up, to get to the 300 hours of standing time. I said I wasn't gonna get all fanatical over this but, six hours ain't gonna keep me from my goal!

Right now I am taking one of my 30-minute sitting breaks. These days my feet don't scream out in relief when I finally sit, and then cuss me out when I start to stand again. In fact sitting is kinda...weird.

Now I can't believe I used to sit all day long!

Granted, some nights are harder to complete, especially when I am standing while watching Dancing With the Stars in the middle of my bedroom, 5 inches from my bed, where my hubby is sprawled out all comfy and happy but, I do what I gotta do, ya know?

And, let me take a moment to give a BIG shout out (WOOOOOHOOOOO!) to all the girls who are standing with me, despite perils such as backs going-out, stomach flu outbreaks and ankle nerves tweaking. Seriously, you all are SO hard core!

None of those ailments were caused by standing I have been assured, or else you're all trying to save me from extreme guilt and self-loathing...

OH! By the way, I have upgraded my computer stand to a banker's box and some old school books. Awesome, no?

Maybe someday I can afford something a little more...stylish? Practical? Stylish?

Working out this week went pretty well too. I never actually vomited, though I did heave one or two times. Heaving does work out your stomach muscles, even though it looks terrible, and could start a chain-reaction of heaving, vomiting people all around you. I don't recommend heaving in a step-aerobics class. Not only are you in an enclosed, hot and sweaty room, there are steps, which would get slippery. That's just all kinds of bad right there...

I do chuckle now though, when I think about how I used to sit all morning, and then drag myself off the couch to do some tae bo, whining and complaining, until I was back to sitting on the couch. Quite honestly I can see why that method does not work. It's like me adding a Slim Fast to my regular diet, and thinking I am gonna lose 2 pounds a week...

Standing just seems natural now. I can't imagine going back to the way I was...I am not even counting down the days, I am just excited to complete the hours!

I found this blogger who did the same challenge (back in 2008, so much for Original Thought! ha!), and two months later this blogger was STILL standing and bought a stand-up desk as a reward (they started out like me though, with a pile of books and stuff).

I wonder, 3 years later, if this blogger is still standing?

It seems all this "standing is good for you" info was out back in 2008 (so all the new articles must be due to slow news days, or simply more compelling evidence) and this article states the same benefits regarding metabolism and fat-burning, which is the best two-word phrase I know!

But let me hand you all some better news; you don't actually need to stand CONTINUALLY to get the benefits. No. You don't.


I am still doing my challenge, but, this isn't the only way...

As long as you are getting up a couple of times an hour and stretching, flexing your leg muscles, getting more coffee or water, or walking around, etc. you are basically getting the same benefits of standing continually without the possible negative effects like sore back and feet, varicose veins and hemorrhoids.


But, ONLY IF you are sitting 3 hours OR LESS a day. Total. That includes driving. And sitting on the toilet.

That tiny bit of info is KEY.

So, how will daily life look for me once the 30 day strict standing-only challenge is up?

I am not sure, but, I am certain it will involve a schedule. I am the kind of person who thrives on a schedule. If it is set up for me, I will do it.

I think that means I am lazy, actually...

But, I am hoping to have some routine in place that includes a certain amount of stretching, cleaning, exercising, playing with the dog and kids, and walking outside.

And remember, this Monday I am starting a new diet plan, that I hope will also become part of a lifestyle and not some fad.

So if any of you are still reading, and Blogger isn't being all WONKEY, slip me a comment telling me if you're still attempting the challenge or cheering me on.

AND...for more inspiration, here is a video from way back when, so innovative at the time, using treadmills in the choreography. I would have fallen 15 seconds in and broken my hip and then depended on the viral video it created to pay for my medical bills. Awesome.

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Lynn from For Love or Funny said...

LOL! You make working out (and not feeling sick to your stomach) sound like so much fun! You go, girl!

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